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Answering your questions

Answering your questions

We are always happy to answer questions, so please contact us for further help and information. If you would like to visit us, you would be most welcome.

In the meantime, here are some answers to questions we are often asked:

Do I have to have worked for the railway to come to Woking Homes?

Most of our 50 residents, or their spouses, have worked in the railway industry. Through voluntary donations from people currently working in the industry we are able to subsidise the fees for elderly residents with a railway background. We do have some places for people unconnected with the railway industry, but are unable to offer the same reduction in fees

Can I stay for a little while to see what it’s like?

Yes, you and your family are encouraged to visit the home. Sometimes a short stay of 3 or 4 days can be arranged to help you get a ‘feel’ for our community and for our standard of care. A month’s trial period is always given before taking permanent residency

Do you offer nursing care?

Woking Homes is a residential care home and we do not provide nursing care

I’m a smoker. Can I smoke at Woking Homes?

We have a no-smoking policy, but there is a smoking hut just outside the building, if you wish to smoke

Will I be able to bring my pet with me?

We recognise that many people have been used to having pets for company and welcome visiting family pets at any time.  We have to be aware of our responsibility to all residents with regard to Health and Safety. Each case will be treated individually and the Chief Executive will make the final decision

There are some foods that don’t agree with me. Do I get a choice at mealtimes?

Our menus are nutritious and varied. We also cater for dietary and cultural requirements

Do I have to become teetotal?

Not at all, the residents have their own bar which is open for social occasions

What sort of activities do you organise?

We have an activities organiser who helps residents to pursue their hobbies and interests and organises activities such as bingo, swimming, keep fit, music and sing-alongs, cooking, quizzes, crafts, darts, cards, scrabble and other games

We also arrange trips to the theatre, pub lunches, in-house dances, garden parties and sports days

Will I be able to attend religious services?

You can attend religious services as you wish. For services outside the home, it is best if family or friends make the necessary transport arrangements. Care staff may be able to accompany you on specific occasions, if staffing levels permit

You may meet clergy of your chosen faith at any time and a private room can be made available

When will my family and friends be able to visit me?

We have an open visiting policy, so your relatives and friends can visit at any time

What if I have to go into hospital?

We will support you by helping with arrangements

What if I’m not happy about something?

We are always ready to listen to your concerns and a complaints procedure is in place which will be available on admission. The Chief Executive and the Chair of Trustees are happy to follow up any concerns or worries you may have. However, you can contact the Care Quality Commission to discuss any continuing concerns

As part of our own quality programme we regularly ask for comments on the Home, our staff and the services we provide

View our Care Quality Commission report at: http://www.cqc.org.uk/directory/1-110397213 which was published in April 2013

Who are the trustees?
Our Board of Trustees mainly still work, or have worked on the railway or they have specialist knowledge in fields such as Finance, Health & Safety and Care. If you wish to know more about our trustees, please contact us

How will my care needs be identified?

We will carry out, with you and your family, a comprehensive pre-admission assessment

How is the voice of the resident heard?

There is a residents committee and regular open residents meeting